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"We are a studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. With masters degrees in Architecture and 10 years of experience in 3D, our team is more than capable to deal with most of the demands that any project can place. 3D visualization is a natural component of architecture and design and we treat it as such. We combine the strengths of a medium sized studio and a know-how of much larger operations. In past decade our team of talented architects created over 4000 images of unbuilt architecture. At this point we are striving for more diverse challenges and changing of our philosophy that will hopefully allow us to broaden our field of expertise and involvement.


  • Boris Kunčer

    Boris Kunčer


    Senior 3D artist. Co-founder of the organization and in charge of research and development field. From the start he was a balancing factor in our team with huge experience in the field of architectural visualization.

  • Srđan Miloradović

    Srđan Miloradović


    Senior 3D artist. Experienced in fields of architectural visualization and interior design. He is a co-founder of the organisation and an active workgroup manager. Time spent in production is still his favourite though.

  • Nevena Medić

    Nevena Medić

    3D artist

    Nevena has a strong and developed sense for details and composition and a defined attitude is her strong point. Soft touch in interior design is what is a plus.

  • Vladimir Cvejić

    Vladimir Cvejić


    A new force in our team. His images are personalized with a specific artistic touch which is always strongly emphasizing the architectural values of the subject.


  • Renders produced

    Over the past 10 years

  • Projects realized

    With more than 15 clients

  • 3 Continents

    And heading for more

  • Returing clients

    With long term relationships

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